More issues with source text

Mark Doliner mark at
Tue Jul 28 17:38:35 EDT 2009

On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 2:01 PM, F Wolff<friedel at> wrote:
> What is the current workflow for reviewing English strings? It is a bit
> disheartening translating some new strings that seem as if they will
> have to be fixed at some stage. Is it possible in future for a developer
> who his a a native English speaker to review the new strings before
> freezing?

We do not have any workflow in place for reviewing English strings.  I
guess the ideal solution would be a script that compiles a list of all
changed strings in each release, and then developers and/or
translators could look over the list before we freeze.

> Some more issues:
> #: ../libpurple/protocols/jabber/jabber.c:3320
> msgid ""
> "role &lt;moderator|participant|visitor|none&gt; [nick1] [nick2] ...:
> Get the "
> "users with an role or set users' role with the room."
>            ^^^^
> should be   a role

I guess we'll change this shortly after releasing 2.6.0.

> #: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:163
> #: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:182
> #: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:203
> #: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:219
> #: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:234
> #: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:346
> #: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:367
> #: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:399
> #: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:414
> #: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:429
> #, fuzzy
> msgid "Received unexpected response from "
> What follows after "from"? And how do I move it to the middle of my
> translation?
> #: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:264
> #: ../libpurple/protocols/oscar/clientlogin.c:461
> #, c-format
> msgid "Error requesting "
> What follows, and how do I move it to the middle of my translation?

A URL follows each of these strings.  The source code looks like this:
_("Received unexpected response from " URL_START_OSCAR_SESSION)

I guess that causes problems when translating :-/  It's also probably
not very user friendly for us to show the URL in most of these
strings.  I guess we'll change this to one of the following:
_("Received unexpected response from %s"), URL_START_OSCAR_SESSION
_("Received unexpected response from server")

> ../pidgin/gtkmain.c:410
> %s %s
> Usage: %s [OPTION]...
>  -c, --config=DIR    use DIR for config files
>  -d, --debug         print debugging messages to stdout
>  -f, --force-online  force online, regardless of network status
>  -h, --help          display this help and exit
>  -m, --multiple      do not ensure single instance
>  -n, --nologin       don't automatically login
>  -l, --login[=NAME]  enable specified account(s) (optional argument NAME
>                      specifies account(s) to use, separated by commas.
>                      Without this only the first account will be enabled).
>  --display=DISPLAY   X display to use
>  -v, --version       display the current version and exit
> I'm not sure why the whole string is given for translation (since
> everything shouldn't be translated). This makes updates hard. It shares
> almost everything with the one just below, but leaves room for
> inconsistencies to creep in.


> #: ../finch/gntmedia.c:159
> msgid "Calling ... "
> #: ../pidgin/gtkmedia.c:315
> msgid "Calling..."
> Can these two be aligned?

Yes, I guess we'll change this shortly after releasing 2.6.0.

> ../pidgin/plugins/disco/gtkdisco.c:476
> msgid ""
> "\n"
> "<b>Description:</b> "
> Is the newline needed at the start? The trailing space?

Yes, both are needed.  What is your preferred way of translating this?

> Thank you for possible corrections.

Thanks for finding all these problems, and our apologies.


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