More issues with source text

Bjoern Voigt bjoernv at
Wed Jul 29 08:37:27 EDT 2009

Mark Doliner wrote:
> We do not have any workflow in place for reviewing English strings.  I
> guess the ideal solution would be a script that compiles a list of all
> changed strings in each release, and then developers and/or
> translators could look over the list before we freeze.
I don't know such a script. But you can find new or changed strings with 
the translation tools itself:

   1. Create a "dummy" translation en_US.po (English, US):
      cd pidgin-mtn/po
      [XGETTEXT_ARGS=--no-location] intltool-update --pot
      mv pidgin.pot en_US.po
   2. Edit en_US.po with a translation tool (Emacs po-mode, KBabel etc.)
   3. Copy msgid to msgstr for all correct English strings
   4. Update source code with mtn and intltool-update
   5. All new and changed strings are now marked as new or fuzzy
   6. Go back to 2

This could also be done multi-user, if the dummy translation file will 
be managed with Monotone.


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