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Mark Doliner mark at
Wed Mar 18 02:58:25 EDT 2009

On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 11:31 PM, F Wolff <friedel at> wrote:
> Op Ma, 2009-02-23 om 20:10 +0200 skryf F Wolff:
>> Hallo
>> Is there any way we can start looking at translating the website of
>> It is a nice and clean website, and it would be nice to have
>> the basic few pages on (probably not developer. and planet.).
>> I'll be happy to translate the first few pages users will visit into
>> Afrikaans.
>> Keep well
>> Friedel
> Is anybody on the list familiar with how the website is created or
> stored? Does it need work to make it translatable? I think having a
> localised front page will be a nice improvement for users visiting that
> don't speak English.
> If somebody can point me to the sources, I'd like to have a look.

Sure.  The website is stored in our Monotone repository alongside the
source code for libpurple/Pidgin/Finch.  There is information about
using Monotone at
The website is in the branch im.pidgin.www

You would probably want to set up a local web server on a computer
that you have access to and use that for testing any changes that you


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