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F Wolff friedel at
Thu May 28 01:12:53 EDT 2009

Op Do, 2009-05-28 om 08:10 +0530 skryf Navaneeth:
> Thanks Friedel,
> I have emailed the guy you specified. I am taking Malayalam for
> translation. BTW, I am absolutely new to this stuff. So let me check
> whether my understanding is right.
> 1 - I have to download ""
> 2 - Provide Malayalam values on "msgstr" for each "msgid".
> 3 - Create a ticket and submit the file.
> Is that right?
> Thanks

That is correct, but I would seriously recommend that you use a
translation tool instead of trying to type things into the "msgstr"
fields yourself.

Personally I would recommend Virtaal, but other tools are also
available, depending on your operating system. Once you have translated
some messages, you might want to test how well it works, even if you are
not yet finished. Since you are new, you might want to get some
instructions on how to review and test your translation before you
submit it.

The best is to use some automated tool such as  pogrep  and to also test
the translation in the running application.

Keep well

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