Nonspecific string "You have pounced!" ?

Bjoern Voigt bjoernv at
Thu Oct 8 06:28:14 EDT 2009


Does anyone know, what does the string "You have pounced!" mean? Another 
question is, if this title is really appropriate?

#: ../pidgin/gtknotify.c:1624
msgid "<span weight=\"bold\" size=\"larger\">You have pounced!</span>"
msgstr "<span weight=\"bold\" size=\"larger\">Sie wurden angestoßen!</span>"

I found, that this string is used as a title for the dialog, where new 
buddy alarm events are displayed (see screenshot). Until now, all 
attempts to find a German translation which closely translate the 
English original (like the active form "Sie haben geklopft!" or the 
passive form "Sie wurden angestoßen!") failed because they do not 
describe, what really happens in the dialog. See also

Isn't something like "You received new buddy pounces" or just "New 
pounces" like in the title more appropriate? One problem is, that there 
can be 1 (title "New pounce") or more buddy pounces (title in plural 
form "New pounces") in the dialog.

Greetings, Björn
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