Nonspecific string "You have pounced!" ?

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Thu Oct 8 07:37:45 EDT 2009

A cat pounces on a mouse.  One person pounces on another when [s]he  
comes upon the other suddenly and unexpectedly.  In this context, you  
have set up what we call a "buddy pounce", which is an action  
(determined by the settings in the buddy pounce dialog) that is  
triggered by an event (usually when a buddy signs on or returns from  
being away).  Apparently buddy pounces that result in dialogs now show  
up in a unified dialog.  Even though I don't recall that change, this  
seems immediately evident from the text in your screen shot.  However,  
I have seen questions about the term "buddy pounce" before, typically  
from non-americans, so perhaps people in other countries don't pounce  
on their friends?


On Oct 8, 2009, at 06:28 EDT, Bjoern Voigt wrote:

> Hi!
> Does anyone know, what does the string "You have pounced!" mean?  
> Another question is, if this title is really appropriate?
> #: ../pidgin/gtknotify.c:1624
> msgid "<span weight=\"bold\" size=\"larger\">You have pounced!</span>"
> msgstr "<span weight=\"bold\" size=\"larger\">Sie wurden angestoßen! 
> </span>"
> I found, that this string is used as a title for the dialog, where  
> new buddy alarm events are displayed (see screenshot). Until now,  
> all attempts to find a German translation which closely translate  
> the English original (like the active form "Sie haben geklopft!" or  
> the passive form "Sie wurden angestoßen!") failed because they do  
> not describe, what really happens in the dialog. See also
> Isn't something like "You received new buddy pounces" or just "New  
> pounces" like in the title more appropriate? One problem is, that  
> there can be 1 (title "New pounce") or more buddy pounces (title in  
> plural form "New pounces") in the dialog.
> Greetings, Björn
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