Pidgin is string frozen!

Mark Doliner mark at
Thu Sep 3 16:45:15 EDT 2009

On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 1:32 PM, Sean Burke<leftmostcat at> wrote:
> Scríobh Mark Doliner:
>>> The arguments to long options like --config=DIR and --login=[NAME] is
>>> now not translatable any more.  DIR and NAME should be translatable.
>> Ah, good point.  We'll fix that (but not for this release, of course).
> The policy for GNOME is that marking existing untranslatable strings for
> translation isn't a violation of string freeze. This seems like solid
> reasoning to me. If someone doesn't get to the string in time, nothing
> changes. However, it gives some people the chance to translate a string
> which would otherwise show up in English, period. Why not adopt a
> similar policy?

Oh yeah.  We've actually been doing that recently.  It just didn't
occur to me in this instance, maybe because the strings in question
are a part of another (non-localizable) string.  I guess I'll make
that change now.


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