Input on XMPP account strings

Paul Aurich paul at
Sat Aug 28 00:32:47 EDT 2010

Hi, I'm changing the XMPP account settings, and Elliott pointed out it
would be a good idea to solicit feedback on the wording from you all.

Here's what's in v2.7.3:
[ ] Require SSL/TLS
[ ] Force old (port 5223) SSL

If you're not familiar with what these do, the first makes it a fatal
error if the server doesn't support STARTTLS (initially connecting via
plaintext and then upgrading to encryption).  The second tells libpurple
to always try to negotiate encryption right after the TCP socket
connects (servers that provide this use tcp/5223 for it, hence the text).

Here's what's in my current tree:
Account setting is labeled "Connection security", and is a drop-down
with these options:
  * Require encryption
  * Use TLS (if available)
  * Use old-style SSL

Here, "Require encryption" is the same as the historical "Require
SSL/TLS" ("Require TLS" was also proposed).  "Use old-style SSL" is
equivalent to the second option in v2.7.3 ("Use legacy alternate-port
SSL" was also proposed).

Thoughts on/Improvements to this text?


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