pidgin translation for Hindi (hi-IN)

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Thanks a lot Mark!

Rajesh Ranjan    

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On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 4:48 AM, Rajesh Ranjan <rajeshkajha at> wrote:
> I have filed a bug for the translation update and after more than a month I am waiting.

Committed!  Sorry for the delay.  For what it's worth we haven't had a
release since you submitted, so you didn't miss out on anything.

Also, I listed you as the new maintainer of our Hindi translation, and
listed you in our COPYRIGHT and po/ChangeLog files as "Rajesh Ranjan
<rajeshkajha at>"  If that's not ok or if you'd prefer a
different form of your name or different email address, please let me

Thanks for updating the Hindi translation!  I'm sure our users will
appreciate it!


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