Pidgin is string frozen!

Ambrose LI at
Mon May 10 16:53:42 EDT 2010

On 10 May 2010 16:38, F Wolff <friedel at> wrote:
> Op So, 2010-05-09 om 22:04 +0200 skryf Bjoern Voigt:
>> You can find some hints about the moods directly in the XMPP PEP
>> specification:
>> XEP-0107: User Mood
[stuff deleted]
> I have one translation that is very long  (39 characters) that I guess
> might not fit. Also, I'd like to see how "Undefined" is used.

According to the spec, "Undefined" means some mood that is not in the
list; it does not mean the user has not selected a mood.


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