Jochen Kemnade jochenkemnade at
Thu Jan 27 12:13:00 EST 2011


Am 27.01.2011 03:44, schrieb John Bailey:
> Just to be clear, you can pull a .po file from transifex and upload a .po file
> to them if you wish.

Okay, that would be an option, but I guess that'd complicate things for
me. As I keep a checkout anyway and work within the source tree I think
it's far easier to do a commit than to fire up a browser and navigate to
transifex and upload the file there and even risk merge conflicts the
next time I update.

> Also, as an FYI, on the development list we've been discussing leaving monotone
> behind in favor of either mercurial or git.  Currently we're leaning toward
> mercurial.

Oh, I really hope you'll opt for git in the end. Maybe even switch to
github? I just start imagining how great things could be if the
translators just forked the repo and translation contributors forked the
translators' repos and then send pull requests back to the translators
which could then be merged and pushed back upstream... Whew... ;-)


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