Pidgin is string frozen!

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Sun Jan 30 14:56:48 EST 2011

John Bailey <rekkanoryo at> a scris:

> Hi, all.
> Sorry for the late posting of this, but Pidgin (the im.pidgin.pidgin
> branch in monotone) is now string frozen pending the release of
> 2.7.10.  Due to the late announcement, I'm adjusting the original
> timeline a bit.  I'm setting the translation deadline to 2011-01-31,
> one week from today.


While checking my update for the Romanian translation I've just
discovered that there are a number of strings with accelerators in
Pidgin's interface which have no accelerators in the POT/PO files. They
all have an accelerator on the first letter and it seems as if this
accelerator has not been marked for translation in the original string.

Here's what I've identified so far:

msgid "Realm"
msgid "Server"
msgid "File transfer server"
msgid "File transfer port"
msgid "Ignore conference and chatroom invitations"
msgid "Use account proxy for HTTP and HTTPS connections"
msgid "Chat room locale"
msgid "Encoding"
msgid "Connection security"
msgid "Connect port"
msgid "Connect server"
msgid "Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted streams"
msgid "File transfer proxies"
msgid "URL BOSH"
msgid "Port"
msgid "Pager port"
msgid "Show custom smileys"
msgid "Use clientLogin"
msgid ""
"Always use AIM/ICQ proxy server for\n"
"file transfers and direct IM (slower,\n"
"but does not reveal your IP address)"
msgid "Encodings"
msgid "Auto-detect incoming UTF-8"
msgid "Real name"
msgid "Use SSL"
msgstr "Use HTTP Method"
msgid "HTTP Method Server"
msgid "Allow direct connections"
msgid "Allow connecting from multiple locations"

...but they could be more, I haven't checked all protocols. All of them
are from the „Advanced” tab of the "Modify account" window, which is
protocol specific. The problem is that sometimes accelerators overlap
in the Romanian localized version of this tab and I can't change that!

Is this a bug or I'm just clueless? I've been localizing GTK+ apps for
quite a while but I have yet to encounter something like this in other
GTK+ interfaces.

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