Pidgin is string frozen!

F Wolff friedel at
Wed Mar 9 04:47:31 EST 2011

Op Wo, 2011-03-09 om 04:10 -0500 skryf Ambrose LI:
> 2011/3/9 Mark Doliner <mark at>:
> > You're not clueless--this is actually intentional.  The code in Pidgin
> > that displays these strings automatically prepends an underscore to
> > the beginning of the translated version of the string, so that the
> > first letter is automatically set as the accelerator key.
> >
> > Why do we do this, you ask?  The strings in question come from the
> > libpurple source code.  libpurple is our UI agnostic backend library
> > responsible for connecting to the various IM networks.  Using an
> > underscore to signify an accelerator key is a GTK-specific nuance.
> > Other UIs, like Finch and Adium, must strip this underscore from the
> > string before displaying it, which is a little cumbersome for them.
> But wouldn't this cause problems with the Chinese and Japanese
> translations? We don't put underscores in the translated strings
> inline (because there’s no way to use Chinese characters as
> accelerator keys); instead, we almost always enclose accelerator keys
> (usually the same accelerator keys as the English version) within
> parentheses.

This is often used for several languages (also in India and South East

For some languages I work with here in South Africa, the first letter is
usually a bad choice, since most nouns start with one of 3 letters, so
clashes are basically guaranteed. It is very important to be able to
specify these.


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