Untranslated strings in audio call window

Gabor Kelemen kelemeng at gnome.hu
Thu Oct 27 06:51:17 EDT 2011

2011-10-27 10:07 keltezéssel, Bjoern Voigt írta:
> Hi,
> if I start a audio call in Pidgin, the menu of the audio call
> window contains untranslated strings (see attached screenshot).
> The German translation file contains the translations for the
> strings "_Hangup" and "_Media".
> I looked up the source code and everything looks fine in
> pidgin/gtkmedia.c:
>          action_group = gtk_action_group_new("MediaActions");
>          gtk_action_group_add_actions(action_group,
>                                       menu_entries,
>                                       G_N_ELEMENTS(menu_entries),
>                                       GTK_WINDOW(window));
> #ifdef ENABLE_NLS
>          gtk_action_group_set_translation_domain(action_group,
>                                                  PACKAGE);
> #endif
Is config.h (which defines ENABLE_NLS) included? It should be.

> I also tried to change to order of gtk_action_group_add_actions
> and gtk_action_group_set_translation_domain but this also did not
> solve the problem.
This was a good idea in itself, this change had no effect only because 
of the former problem.

After applying the attached patch to the 2.10.0 tarball, the resulting 
screenshot looks like this:


Bonus: it marks the two buttons at the bottom of the window for 
translation :).

Gabor Kelemen
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