Development branch vs. 2.x.y branch

Ethan Blanton elb at
Tue Aug 28 12:00:45 EDT 2012

Paulo Ribeiro spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Our biggest question is this: if we manage to complete the
> translation of the development branch, will this translation be
> incorporated in future Pidgin updates such as 2.10.7? Or perhaps
> only on version 3.0.0?

Only 3.0.0.  We expect there to be a limited number of additional
releases on the 2.x.y branch, however.  You should also find that
there is a significant overlap in strings between the two versions.

If you want to minimize total effort while maximizing user benefit, I
would suggest translating the 3.x branch, then merging any identical
strings with the 2.x.y branch.  I would expect that to give you good
coverage in 2.x.y (likely 90+%, although I don't know without looking)
if we do additional maintenance releases, while preparing your
translation for an eventual 3.x release.

Note, however, that the 3.x strings are very likely to change between
now and release, and that we will have a string freeze for several
weeks before we release 3.0.0.  Translating 2.x.y now (which should
have very few string changes for its lifetime) and porting forward may
reduce the total number of *retranslated* strings, although the total
number of *translated* strings may be larger.

It's up to you.  Whatever you choose, Portuguese-speaking Pidgin users
will be well served by the updates!

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