Irish translation updates, roadmap for 3.0.0?

Kevin Scannell kscanne at
Fri Nov 16 15:54:44 EST 2012

Hi everyone,

  I spent some time this week updating the Irish translation (about
2000 strings done, taking us from about 11% to 67%) and hope to finish
most of the rest soon.  Aaron Kearns did the initial work and was nice
enough to add me as co-owner on the Transifex project.

  A few questions:
   (1) when are the PO files pulled from transifex into the mercurial
repo?  do I need to request that or does it happen automatically?
   (2) what is the time line for releasing 3.0.0?  The web site says
warnings will be posted here prior to releases but I don't see many of
those in the list archive
   (3) is it worth backporting the work I've done from trunk to the
stable branch?


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