Irish translation updates, roadmap for 3.0.0?

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Fri Nov 16 18:05:02 EST 2012

On 11/16/2012 03:54 PM, Kevin Scannell wrote:
>   A few questions:
>    (1) when are the PO files pulled from transifex into the mercurial
> repo?  do I need to request that or does it happen automatically?

The updated .po files are generally brought into Mercurial as the release
process is conducted, so generally this will happen either the day before or the
day of release.  In the case of 3.0.0, however, it's likely we'll pull
translations in when we announce a general string freeze, then again nearer to
the actual release.  For 3.0.0 I expect that we'll give a month-long string
freeze to give all translators time to revisit their translations and ensure
they're in great shape.  We have a few translators that pride themselves on 100%
completeness and the minimum practicable number of "fuzzy" translations.

>    (2) what is the time line for releasing 3.0.0?  The web site says
> warnings will be posted here prior to releases but I don't see many of
> those in the list archive

We don't currently have a target for 3.0.0 release.  We haven't sent many
release notifications recently because very, very few of our recent releases
have had string changes.

>    (3) is it worth backporting the work I've done from trunk to the
> stable branch?

Absolutely.  I feel we'll still need a small number of 2.10.x releases before
we're in a state to release even a beta for 3.0.0.  In fact, you should find
that majority of your work on 3.0.0 can be essentially copied wholesale for 2.10.x.


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