Pidgin Persian language translator request

Mark Doliner mark at
Fri Nov 8 02:12:00 EST 2013

(to: Elnaz Sarbar, who is the person currently listed as the Persian
translator, make subject more descriptive, move support at to
bcc, cc translators at

Hi Elnaz Sarbar! Please see the following email which was sent to a
Pidgin support mailing list two days ago:

On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 10:14 AM, Hossein Sn <nice.sn2000 at> wrote:
> I have requested to join the Persian language translation team on Transifex.
> Username: "nice_2000"
> the team's coordinator does not respond (last activity was 6 months, 4 weeks
> ago).

So basically Hossein Sn would like to help out with translating Pidgin
into Persian and has applied to be a translator at Transifex. We (the
Pidgin dev team) generally only approve new translators at Transifex
1. The applicant is the same person who is already listed as the
translator in Pidgin's help dialog.
2. We don't have an active translator for the given project.

For adding additional translators to an existing translation team, we
generally leave this decision up to the translators (that's you!). If
you no longer wish to translate Pidgin then you could approve his
Transifex request and let him take over. If you still want to
translate and are ok with having someone else help you, feel free to
approve his request. In either case let me know and I'll update
Pidgin's help dialog appropriately. If you'd prefer not to have help,
please let me and Hossein know (and I'd be curious to hear the

Hossein Sn: It's worth mentioning that 6 months, 4 weeks is not a
super long time for no activity. Pidgin is currently on a long
development cycle while we make some major architectural changes and
we have not requested any string updates from translators in quite
some time (because we have avoided changing strings in our stable

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