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Elnaz Sarbar elnaz at
Fri Nov 8 15:44:45 EST 2013

Hi Mark,

I think Hossein jumped the gun a bit :)
He sent a request to join the team on Nov 5th and I answered him on the
6th. Right now I'm waiting for him to send me a sample of his translation
and if it's good I will be more than happy to have him on the team.


On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 11:12 PM, Mark Doliner <mark at> wrote:

> (to: Elnaz Sarbar, who is the person currently listed as the Persian
> translator, make subject more descriptive, move support at to
> bcc, cc translators at
> Hi Elnaz Sarbar! Please see the following email which was sent to a
> Pidgin support mailing list two days ago:
> On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 10:14 AM, Hossein Sn <nice.sn2000 at> wrote:
> > I have requested to join the Persian language translation team on
> Transifex.
> >
> > Username: "nice_2000"
> >
> > the team's coordinator does not respond (last activity was 6 months, 4
> weeks
> > ago).
> So basically Hossein Sn would like to help out with translating Pidgin
> into Persian and has applied to be a translator at Transifex. We (the
> Pidgin dev team) generally only approve new translators at Transifex
> if:
> 1. The applicant is the same person who is already listed as the
> translator in Pidgin's help dialog.
> or
> 2. We don't have an active translator for the given project.
> For adding additional translators to an existing translation team, we
> generally leave this decision up to the translators (that's you!). If
> you no longer wish to translate Pidgin then you could approve his
> Transifex request and let him take over. If you still want to
> translate and are ok with having someone else help you, feel free to
> approve his request. In either case let me know and I'll update
> Pidgin's help dialog appropriately. If you'd prefer not to have help,
> please let me and Hossein know (and I'd be curious to hear the
> reasons).
> Hossein Sn: It's worth mentioning that 6 months, 4 weeks is not a
> super long time for no activity. Pidgin is currently on a long
> development cycle while we make some major architectural changes and
> we have not requested any string updates from translators in quite
> some time (because we have avoided changing strings in our stable
> branch).
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