pidgin.pot for 2.x.y branch - strings 174 & 175

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña jfs at
Sun May 25 10:08:02 EDT 2014

First of all please let me start by saying this: I don't oppose to something
working on an alternative Spanish locale.  If you want to do it, go for it.

However, my experience with translation in Free Software projects (which
started in 2001) and working with many colleagues from Latin America is that
it is typically best to have a "neutral" translation into Spanish (i.e. 'es')
than to have many divergent locales (i.e. 'es_ES', 'es_AR', 'es_MX').

I have been coordinating the Debian Spanish Translation Project for more than
10 years now. The project translator's (from different countries) have agreed
to a common base we can all understand and relate to.

At any case, if a derivative locale is created, I would suggest to base it
off the existing one and manage it as a "differences" file rather than a 
completely new translation. 

That way:
  - bug fixes are shared

  - translations that can be shared *are* shared, preventing duplicate work

  - the public benefitting reviewing the translation (all Spanish speakers as opposed

But this is just an opinion, you can manage it however you see it fit.

On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 08:34:45AM -0300, TSK! | KNTRO (MindBuildingx/1.75 Greenwich) (Darktech/4.75 Gibraltar kompliant) wrote:
> Basically there's 2 reasons: First, the Pidgin's *es* locale is a mess, no
> offense. Secondly, *es_AR* is very different from any other Spanish locale.

Well, for someone that has been translating this program for *12* years,
it's hard to take no offense when you say something "is a mess" and don't
produce arguments to support it.

I would like to know where you believe the problem is:

 - is it because the content out of date? Yes, it might be.  I do not keep
   the content fully up-to-date with all new developments, I usually wait for
   a "string freeze" to happen and then work on that target.

   From past experience Pidgin is a "moving" target with a lot of development
   (specially on plugins) and its my experience that it is best for this to
   finalise and get ready to a release before translating.

   That is not to say that I have not missed some string freezes, sometimes
   Real Life (TM) gets in the way. 
   Also, it looks like there has not been a string freeze call since 2.7.11
   (or I don't find it in my mailbox) and I have missed the last releases.

 - is the content incorrect/improper/wrong? I have not received bug reports
   (either direclty or by those being reoprted through Pidgin's bug tracker)
   so I am inclined to think it's not the case.

Regardless of what road you want to take (start a translation from scratch,
or use the existing Spanish translation) I would really appreciate if you
send me the things that, in the existing Spanish (es) translation are wrong.

Since the Spanish translation is out of date (3727 translated messages, 71
fuzzy translations, 20 untranslated messages), I'm going I will start working
updating it. If you send me the comments by email I can review the msgids you
might  have issues with.


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