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  * Updated wiki information on how to access our Mercurial server, maybe a link to more Mercurial info.  Info on how to migrate from Monotone to Mercurial (even if it's just "mtn diff | patch"
 == Emoticon cache ==
+(Note: There is some concern that this project is not large enough to justify an entire project.)
 Currently Pidgin does nothing with received emoticons.  It could save a lot of bandwidth if a cache of received emoticons existed.  It could also be merged with local custom smileys so we have a unified way to manage these files.  The cache can be done per session, per conversation, per account, or as a global permanent cache (just as buddy icons).  The preferred method is a permanent cache so emoticons could be fetched only once.
 == MySpaceIM TLC ==
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 == Webkit Message Views ==
 Webkit is a popular HTML rendering engine used in a number of browsers.  Adium uses it for their message windows as well.  Your task for this project is to rip out !GtkImHtml and replace it with Webkit.  This includes the input areas as well.
 == Web site translations ==
  * Produce a translation system for Pidgin's web site (at least the main static content)
  * Implement Language auto-selection (via browser "Accept-Language" header)
  * Use statically generated pages to avoid unnecessary server load and overhead (in other words, avoid pulling in the strings every time the page loads; only when they need to be regenerated)


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