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Comment: Remove Android project from the list.  If it doesn't work out this summer, I think we won't want to mentor it again in the future.

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 == Pidgin Plugin Website ==
 A plugin website for browsing plugins in a nicer way than just the list view on [wiki:ThirdPartyPlugins].  Possibly integration with Pidgin via a built-in plugin browser.  See [http://adiumxtras.com/ adiumxtras.com] and [http://addons.instantbird.org/ addons.instantbird.org] for examples.
-== Android frontend ==
-There's already been work to port libpurple to Android, but there's no front-end to actually use it yet.
 == XMPP prpl improvements ==
  * Add support for some XEPs. Here are some interesting ones with at least one other implementation (helpful for testing interoperability):


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