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  * Adopt a decent segment of the Pidgin source and begin to remodel it around the Gobject, such as the buddy list, the conversation interface, or something else significant and modify libpurple and Pidgin and/or Finch related objects to handle or exist as Gobjects as well.
    * [wiki:rekkanoryo]: Plugins should become gobjects and prpl's should be implementations of a !PurpleProtocolIface (or similarly named interface) as a mandatory requirement of gobjectification.
-== Webkit Message Views ==
-Webkit is a popular HTML rendering engine used in a number of browsers.  Adium uses it for their message windows as well.  Your task for this project is to rip out !GtkImHtml and replace it with Webkit.  This includes the input areas as well.
 == Web site translations ==
  * Produce a translation system for Pidgin's web site (at least the main static content)
  * Implement Language auto-selection (via browser "Accept-Language" header)


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