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 = debugging native code in Android. =
+Currently, this does not work. Those steps are just a start to get it working...
 (setting this up is not needed to do java debugging, you just can't step into native functions.)
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 You should at first compile the library yourself.
-Then, go to the android ndk directory. There should be a file ndk-gdb. Copy it, name the copy ndk-gdb-eclipse, and remove the following, last line:
-  $GDBCLIENT -x `native_path $GDBSETUP`
+Then go to your ndk directory and to toolchains/arm-linux-androideabi-4.4.3/prebuilt and copy the gdbserver file you find there to your libs/armeabi directory (there should already be a lot of .so-Files there).
 == in Eclipse ==
   * Open the External Tools Configuration Dialog.
   * Add a new Program by double-clicking on Program on the left side.
   * Select the ndk-gdb-eclipse script you just created.
+  * As parameter, enter the right path to adb like:
+  * Set the working directory to the directory of your client project.
   * Select the build tab, and disable Build before launch.
   * Hit Apply, Close.
+Start your application in debug mode and when it is active, start the tool you just created. This will create some files you need for the next steps:
   * (skip for Testclient) Set android:debuggable="true" in your application definition in the AndroidManifest.xml.
   * Open the debug configuration dialog.
   * Create a new Debug configuration by double-clicking on ''C/C++ Attach to Application''
   * This needs to be done in the main tab:
     * Enter im.pidgin.libpurple as Project name
-    * Enter Android/libim.pidgin.libpurple.so as C/C++ Application name (or just click on Search project... to find it)
+    * Enter <your app>/libs/armeabi/app_process as C/C++ Application name (or just click on Search project... to find it)
     * Select Disable auto build
+    * Disable Run in Background.
   * Go to the debugger tab.
     * Select gdbserver as Debugger.
     * Enter ${ndk.root}/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-gdb in the GDB debugger filed.


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