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 Pidgin's Mercurial repositories are served by the [http://www.lshift.net/mercurial-server.html mercurial-server] package.  This relies entirely upon SSH key-based authentication, providing access control and a layer of accountability.
 == Anonymous Pull (Non-Developers) ==
-All Pidgin Mercurial repositories will be available via HTTP.  As we are not yet using Mercurial, this is not yet available.
+All Pidgin Mercurial repositories will be available via HTTP from [http://hg.pidgin.im http://hg.pidgin.im].
 == Developers ==
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   * Without SSH config above: `hg clone ssh://hg@hg.pidgin.im/path/to/repo`
 Once initial clones are done, pulls are a simple matter of running `hg pull` within your working copy.  You may optionally add `-u` to have your checkout automatically updated if possible.
+Alternatively, you can clone the repository via http and add a `default-push` line to the `[paths]` section of the repository's `.hg/hgrc` file:
+  * With SSH config above: `default-push ssh://hg.pidgin.im/path/to/repo`
+  * Without SSH config above: `default-push ssh://hg@hg.pidgin.im/path/to/repo`
 Pushes are a simple matter of `hg push` within your working copy.  If you need to push a new repository, you must clone:
   * With SSH config above: `hg clone . ssh://hg.pidgin.im/path/to/repo` in working copy


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