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Comment: xmpp privacy: XEP-0191 woefully deficient, need XEP-0016.  rebuttal for "too complex"
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 Privacy features are handled by XMPP extension XEP-0016, but it has been deemed too complex for implementation. Other extensions like Simple Communications Blocking, XEP-0191 has at least partially been implemented recently in Pidgin.  For invisibility XEP-0186 has come to be the most favoured extension that doesn’t break the core XMPP rules, but I am not sure if Pidgin developers want to implement it just yet.
   -- I'd like to see the XEP advance to Draft before any implementation is merged into im.pidgin.pidgin; I'm also unaware of any server implementations. [wiki:darkrain42]
+  -- '''specious''' ''complexity claim'' when  XEP-0016 contrasted with order of magnitude more complex f*book "privacy" controls.  Privacy Lists (obviously plural) provides quick-switch for changing one's active/current resource or other conditions.  As Privacy Lists are server side one could easily apply list:home and list:work to squelch PEP (mood,tunes,locus, but not activity)  without needing to change PEP, or suppress/spoof client information (IQ stanza).  XEP-0191 is '''woefully deficient'''!  [wiki:notphilipfry]
 From XEP-0191: 
 The requirements for simple communications blocking are straightforward:

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