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+Open {Secure,Source,Standards} Telephony Network (OSTN)[[BR]]
+sRTP && zRTP testbest  [[br]]
+free easy encrypted sip phone calls: https://ostel.co
-sRTP && zRTP testbest  https://ostel.me
+[[BR]]Pidgin need implement XEP-0016 Privacy Lists
+'''specious''' ''complexity claim'' when  XEP-0016 contrasted with order of magnitude more complex f*book "privacy" controls.  Privacy Lists (obviously plural) provides quick-switch for changing one's active/current resource or other conditions.  As Privacy Lists are server side one could easily apply list:home and list:work to squelch PEP (mood,tunes,locus, but not activity)  without needing to change PEP, or suppress/spoof client information (IQ stanza).  XEP-0191 is '''woefully deficient'''!

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