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     * Grouped by contact (person), so if I have "markdoliner" on AIM and "mark.doliner at gmail.com" on XMPP combined into a contact/person, the logs show up as being for one person, with some differentiation for me to tell which IM account was used.
   * Optionally propose an external log viewer.  This has been requested a few times and we have historically ignored these requests.
 == Automated usage statistics collection ==
 It would be useful if Pidgin included functionality to automatically collect various statistics from users and aggregate these statistics into a viewable form on the Pidgin website.  This would be useful in determining which features are popular and which are not, and could allow us to remove unused features and preferences.  Google Chrome and possibly Adium could be used as references for how to implement this.  Some requirements:
  * The information must be anonymous, and not include usernames or passwords.
  * Users must be able to opt-out.  It's not clear whether reporting would be enable or disabled by default.
  * Information must be easily viewable (so this project includes the client-side changes as well as possibly a server... but definitely investigate whether an existing solution could be used before creating a new one).  It's not clear whether it would be public or private.
  * Could also include automated crash reporting.
 == Emoticon cache ==
 (Note: There is some concern that this project is not large enough to justify an entire project.)
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  * Consider ways to provide translated versions of images and screen shots
  * This particular idea may not be sufficiently complex to span a summer and it may be worthwhile to combine it with other web site or internationalization improvements to Pidgin or some other type of larger project.
 == libpurple detachable sessions ==
 This is an often-requested feature to which the response is often "run Finch in screen". Ideally, it would be possible for a user to run Pidgin and Finch simultaneously on a computer, with both programs sharing the same data and connections. This would allow users to leave Pidgin open, yet still access their IMs over SSH with Finch.
 This requires an implementation of some sort of libpurple daemon, and a method for the clients to connect to that server, and access and display the buddy list, conversations, and chats.  Existing ongoing conversations' history should be visible in Pidgin or Finch when they connect to this daemon.
 == Javascript plugin loader ==
 Similar to the Perl and Mono plugin loaders but for Javascript

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