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 This is a massive undertaking, and you should have a lot of experience creating native applications for MS Windows (experience with Visual Basic does '''''__not__''''' count here) as well as lots of experience with C.  Familiarity with the libpurple source and POSIX programming in general is also very important and extremely helpful.
-== Better chat log viewer ==
-Our current chat log viewer has only limited functionality.  A proposal for this project idea should include plans to implement the following:
-  * Enhance log viewing in Pidgin by creating a new log viewer that will have:
-    * A tree hierarchy of all logs (so you don't have to use the "View Log" dialog for each buddy)
-    * A search box for buddies that does real-time pruning of the tree as you type partial buddy names
-    * Grouped by contact (person), so if I have "markdoliner" on AIM and "mark.doliner at gmail.com" on XMPP combined into a contact/person, the logs show up as being for one person, with some differentiation for me to tell which IM account was used.
-  * Optionally propose an external log viewer.  This has been requested a few times and we have historically ignored these requests.
+== Rewrite chat log backend and frontend ==
+Our current chat log storage and viewer has only limited functionality. A proposal for this project idea should include plans to implement new backend and frontend (both, but backend is more important, because frontend relies on it):
+  * New chat log backend features:
+    * use single file (or anything less than thousands of files like now), like SQLite database
+    * allow marking messages as unread, so they could be re-opened after Pidgin's restart, until user actually reads it
+    * conversation context
+    * inline images (and custom emoticons maybe?) storage
+    * import from old chat log formats
+    * (optional) remote log storage support
+  * Brand new frontend (chat log viewer - note, that it's pointless to do it without backend upgrade):
+    * browsing by meta-contacts - tree view, like in buddy list
+    * responsiveness while searching, maybe some progress bar
+    * (optional) typing name in search box could do real-time contacts filtering, like in buddy list
+    * sorting by name, last message date, conversation frequency, amount of exchanged messages
+    * (optional) fuzzy search option
+    * (optional) showing new messages in real time
+    * (optional) manual import/export for old formats (note, that import from old format should be anyway done automatically on first run)
+Here are two mockups: [http://i.imgur.com/XczYG.png like a current one] [http://i.imgur.com/dTFtV.png better one].

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