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    * Support for Jingle File Transfer: see http://hg.pidgin.im/dev/malu/xmpp_jingle_ft/
  * Better Facebook and Gmail support
  * Cleaning [https://developer.pidgin.im/query?status=new&status=pending&component=XMPP hundredth of tickets]
+== Android "proxy" client ==
+This project could contain implementing a client for Android, which would act as "remote controller" of desktop client. Key points:
+ * mobile client registers to user's "server" and leaves all protocol-related job on it's side, phone gets only naked messages, without protocol noise;
+ * there is no permanent tcp connections - phone is notified via Google Cloud Messaging for Android service; it have to be power-save and lightweight
+ * easy to use, well designed UI (strongly inspired by existing ones from Google/HTC/whatever)
+ * (optional) integration with [https://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/GSoC2012/Android Android libpurple port], to let mobile client act standalone

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