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 (Note: There is some concern that this project is not large enough to justify an entire project.)
 Currently Pidgin does nothing with received emoticons.  It could save a lot of bandwidth if a cache of received emoticons existed.  It could also be merged with local custom smileys so we have a unified way to manage these files.  The cache can be done per session, per conversation, per account, or as a global permanent cache (just as buddy icons).  The preferred method is a permanent cache so emoticons could be fetched only once.
-== MySpaceIM TLC ==
-Our MySpaceIM implementation is currently substandard. The plugin was developed as part of Summer of Code 2007 by reverse-engineering the protocol spoken by the official client (making it the first publicly-available third party MySpaceIM implementation), and although it is functional, further reverse-engineering of the protocol and bug-fixing of the libpurple implementation is needed to bring our client up to par with the official client. 
-A list of known bugs is available at MsimToDo. Areas to consider working on include, but are not limited to:
- * Buddies are added to their buddy list using their name/alias.  This should be changed so they are added using their numerica ID, with the server_nick field set to their name/alias.
- * Group chat support (#4691)
- * Improved server-side buddy-list support (#4734, #5240)
- * Buddy search (#2661)
- * General bug fixing
- * Adding new features supported by the official client, but not libpurple
-Your mission is to understand what the official MySpaceIM client does at a protocol level, document what you've found [http://imfreedom.org/wiki/index.php/MySpaceIM here] (if not already documented), and implement it in libpurple.
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  * A modular or generic implementation to allow different "feeds" of information to be used.
  * Implementation of this as a core plugin with dependent UI plugins might prove interesting.
  * This should be able to be done asynchronously to avoid interfering with the performance of the event loop.
 > This sounds suspiciously like the (abandoned) [http://www.nat.org/dashboard/ Dashboard] project – maybe some ideas from there could be adopted? —[wiki:resiak]
 == Gobjectification Projects ==
  * Adopt a decent segment of the Pidgin source and begin to remodel it around the Gobject, such as the buddy list, the conversation interface, or something else significant and modify libpurple and Pidgin and/or Finch related objects to handle or exist as Gobjects as well.
    * [wiki:rekkanoryo]: Plugins should become gobjects and prpl's should be implementations of a !PurpleProtocolIface (or similarly named interface) as a mandatory requirement of gobjectification.
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  * [http://software.opensuse.org/package/pidgin software.opensuse.org]
 == XMPP prpl improvements ==
  * Add support for some XEPs. Here are some interesting ones with at least one other implementation (helpful for testing interoperability):
    * XEP-0184: Message Delivery Receipts - indicate when your contact's client has received a message you've sent
    * XEP-0198: Stream Management - improve reliability of XMPP connections
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  * Clean up/Finish work
    * Support for Jingle File Transfer: see http://hg.pidgin.im/dev/malu/xmpp_jingle_ft/
  * Better Facebook and Gmail support
- * Cleaning [https://developer.pidgin.im/query?status=new&status=pending&component=XMPP hundredth of tickets]
+ * Triaging [https://developer.pidgin.im/query?status=new&status=pending&component=XMPP hundreds of tickets]
 == Android "proxy" client ==
 This project could contain implementing a client for Android, which would act as "remote controller" of desktop client. Key points:

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