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Comment: Remove links to previous SoC projects. I don't think we need these here, and I'd like to use this page to list bounty ideas.
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+= Overview =
 This page lists project ideas that may or may not be good for Summer of Code or as standalone bounties.
 Please feel free to ask our [https://pidgin.im/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/devel devel mailing list] or [wiki:PidginCommunity#FindingUs XMPP chat room] for clarification, or if want to get feedback on an idea, or if you have any other questions.
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  * Students are encouraged to think of original ideas.  A well thought-out original idea may well win out over any of the projects listed below.
  * We don't see a need to choose mentors ahead of time. We typically choose the most appropriate developer for a given project and assign them as the mentor once we've accepted each project. We also have no problems with you requesting a specific mentor (e.g. if you've been talking to a developer about a project).
-== Information About Projects By Year ==
-[wiki:SummerOfCode2012 Information about some Summer of Code 2012 projects]
-[[BR]][wiki:SummerOfCode2011 Summer of Code 2011 (no participation)]
-[[BR]][wiki:SummerOfCode2010 Information about some Summer of Code 2010 projects]
-[[BR]][wiki:SummerOfCode2009 Information about some Summer of Code 2009 projects]
-[[BR]][wiki:SummerOfCode2008 Information about some Summer of Code 2008 projects]
-[[BR]][wiki:SummerOfCode2007 Information about some Summer of Code 2007 projects]
+= Project Ideas =

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