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Comment: Remove GObjectification from this list. We still need to merge in the plugin changes, but I think that'll happen and I think we probably don't need another SoC project for it.
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  * This should be able to be done asynchronously to avoid interfering with the performance of the event loop.
 > This sounds suspiciously like the (abandoned) [http://www.nat.org/dashboard/ Dashboard] project – maybe some ideas from there could be adopted? —[wiki:resiak]
-== Gobjectification Projects ==
- * Adopt a decent segment of the Pidgin source and begin to remodel it around the Gobject, such as the buddy list, the conversation interface, or something else significant and modify libpurple and Pidgin and/or Finch related objects to handle or exist as Gobjects as well.
-   * [wiki:rekkanoryo]: Plugins should become gobjects and prpl's should be implementations of a !PurpleProtocolIface (or similarly named interface) as a mandatory requirement of gobjectification.
-   * [wiki:gillux]: If that’s any motivation for anyone interested by this project, I’d like to point out that any improvment made on the gobjectification side will allow the old [wiki:GSoC2010/DetachableLibpurple detachable session project] to ~~resuscitate~~ improve and eventually get to a usable state.
-   * [wiki:grim]: I need to take a look at the docbook and get it up to date.  Also we could pull my [http://bitbucket.org/rw_grim/gplugin GPlugin] library in now too (still needs to be packaged for distros, but better than rewriting the entire plugin api)
 == Web site translations ==
  * Produce a translation system for Pidgin's web site (at least the main static content)
  * Implement Language auto-selection (via browser "Accept-Language" header)

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