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 == Clean-up ideas ==
-* Drop many `#if 0` blocks.
+* Drop many `#if 0` blocks that imply distracting possibilities or long-ago-deprecated TODOs.
 * It seems like the typing status functionality could be condensed a lot, or that "API" could be defined to something more useful/broad. The IM conversation API (found in `libpurple/conversationtypes.h`) consists of:
  * '''2''' core functions
  * '''2''' icon related functions
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 Your changes are likely to be inapplicable or non-translatable, meaning that they'd have to be completely rewritten to be added to 3.0. The fundamental library internals are quite different, and almost everything wasn't overhauled is renamed and shuffled into a different file. I learned this the hard way.
-Additionally, I'm finding 3.0 much more pleasant to code in.
+Additionally, I'm finding 3.0 much more pleasant to work with.
 === "Help!" ===
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 Later, additional daemons could be added for things like logging and restricted to subdirectories of `~/.purple/`. This would further protect user credentials and OTR keys.
+=== The value of multiprocess design ===
+There isn't a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-learn Mandatory Access Control (MAC) or similar framework yet. Options include FreeBSD's Capsicum, Linux's App^^Armor, and OpenBSD's newly released tame syscall. To further complicate things, these frameworks are generally baked into the kernel and are therefore platform-specific.
+[https://tails.boum.org/ Tails], an anonymity-focused operating system based on Tor and Debian, includes Pidgin and OTR by default. They've written an App^^Armor profile for Pidgin that's now included in the Debian/^^Ubuntu package `apparmor-profiles-extra`.
 === Breakages ===
 There are, of course exceptions. Below is a (likely incomplete) list of files outside of `~/.purple/` that are accessed and where the access occurs.

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