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 [https://tails.boum.org/ Tails], an anonymity-focused operating system based on Tor and Debian, includes Pidgin and OTR by default. They've written an App^^Armor profile for Pidgin that's now included in the Debian/^^Ubuntu package `apparmor-profiles-extra`.
+All existing MAC frameworks are pretty cumbersome and have a slow learning curve. (tame is trying to buck this trend, but it's far too new and rarely used to be an option yet.) So, the best model is:
+* program developers make their code multiprocess and refrain from using unnecessary privileges
+* packagers and OS/distro developers use this to write good MAC profiles
+''Anecdotally, it'd be nice to start the convention of using a tag like `PRIVSEP` in code to help packagers find points of potential lockdown. Lacking these, searching for `fork()` and `exec()`-family functions with cscope or something similar is a good approach.''
 === Breakages ===
 There are, of course exceptions. Below is a (likely incomplete) list of files outside of `~/.purple/` that are accessed and where the access occurs.

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