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 [http://wiki.freedesktop.org/nice/ libnice] is a library implementing ICE and STUN which is used by the voice/video stack.
 It's Ubuntu package is derived from the Debian package, which is maintained by the [https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianTelepathyMaintainers Debian Telepathy Maintainers]. This package is currently at version 0.1.7-1 in the repo and 0.1.4-1 in Ubuntu 15.04. The latest libnice release is 0.1.13, and we need at least 0.1.8 for the latest version of Farstream. 0.13.0 builds and tests successfully on Ubuntu 15.04, so I'm working on an update to submit.
+=== "Help!" ===
+If you're having trouble building Pidgin 3.0, contact me - I'm happy to help.
+Remember, `config.log` is your friend. Often, `configure` script errors (particularly involving voice/video and GTK+) are reported very generically to stdout but have specific and helpful error messages in `config.log`.
+Also, if you come across an obstacle on your platform of choice, please report it to the relevant package maintainer with as much useful information as possible. Keeping major dependencies' packages stable and up-to-date will allow us to continue improving voice/video, desktop environment integration, etc.

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