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 = Michael Mc^^Conville ''(mmcc, mmcco)'' =
 I'm a rising senior at Swarthmore College working as Pidgin's resident "Maintenance Hero" through the [[SummerOfCode2015|2015 Google Summer of Code]]. My main goal is to help get our 3.0.0 release out the door. I also plan to work on [[vv|voice and video]] and [[EndToEndXMPPCrypto|end-to-end encryption]].
 == Contact ==
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 Also, if you come across an obstacle on your platform of choice, please report it to the relevant package maintainer with as much useful information as possible. Keeping major dependencies' packages stable and up-to-date will allow us to continue improving voice/video, desktop environment integration, etc.
-== Voice/video library concerns ==
+== Voice/video library requirements ==
 As of June 2015, Pidgin supports both GStreamer 0.1 and GStreamer 1.0. GStreamer 0.1 has been [http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/gstreamer-announce/2013-March/000273.html officially unmaintained since March 2013] - more than two years ago. The announcement mentions that the 0.1 branch had been largely abandoned a while before: "there are many hundreds of bugs that have only been fixed in 1.x, and many more are fixed every week." However, package and port maintainers may still patch bugs.

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