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 Requiring GStreamer 1.0 and Farstream 0.2 would mean that Pidgin 3.0 would not support certain LTS operating systems such as Ubuntu 12.04, Debian Squeeze (6) and potentially Wheezy (7), and RHEL/CentOS 6.
 Of course, these releases are unlikely to backport Pidgin 3.0, considering that they haven't backported GStreamer 1.0. If they do, they can always just build with `--disable-vv`. Interestingly, OpenBSD currently does this, but for the opposite reason: their GStreamer/Farstream versions are too new and they're waiting for the Pidgin 3.0 release.
+== Building a statically linked Pidgin binary ==
+The command for this is, for example, `./configure --enable-static --disable-shared --with-static-prpls=jabber`. In this case, only Jabber/XMPP is supported. The build system will only statically link libraries compiled by Pidgin - all system libraries will be dynamically linked. You can verify this by running `ldd` in the new Pidgin binary (`pidgin/pidgin`) after the build.
+There are third-party tools that can create what are effectively statically linked binaries using the `LD_PRELOAD` environment variable. These could be useful for creating a testing binary for distribution, but I haven't had the need for that.

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