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 Pidgin's voice/video has problems with mysterious failures and sometimes segfaults because of GStreamer plugin incompatibilities. Restricting ourselves to a single current and supported version of the relevant libraries would make the code more reliable and easier to test and maintain.
-On the other hand, Tomasz pointed out that GStreamer 1.0 didn't additionally offer device selection. It's been fixed since, but he suspects it hasn't made its way into the Windows code yet, so we may need to implement that ourselves.
+On the other hand, Tomasz pointed out that GStreamer 1.0 only reintroducted device selection in version 1.4, the most recent minor release. Because Windows and some Linux distributions may not support 1.4 for a while, we may need to implement that ourselves.
 GStreamer 0.1 and Farstream 0.1 are coupled, as are GStreamer 1.0 and Farstream 0.2. When determining the compatibility of an operating system release, be sure to check for both. For example, Debian Wheezy currently supports GStreamer 1.0 but only Farstream 0.1.

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