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  * The applicant's estimate of the skills required to complete the task, particularly noting those skills that will need to be developed during the course of the project.  Note that ''it is absolutely fine'' if the applicant, for example, is unfamiliar with a library or protocol necessary to complete the project, if they can demonstrate that they understand what needs to be learned and how that learning will be approached.
  * A general timeline of the project as envisioned, with a breakdown including major milestones (e.g., "necessary UI infrastructure", "supporting changes to protocol X", "draft specification for Y").
+Note that project applications '''need not be for projects from our ideas page'''.  If you have a great idea for a project, that's fine, propose it!  Just be sure to describe what it is, why you can do it, and how you plan to accomplish it within the summer.
 == External factors ==
 If a project or applicant has any external factors that the project should be aware of, those must be spelled out explicitly along with an explanation of how the project will be affected if those factors fail to come through or otherwise interfere.  For example, if a project depends on a third-party library that is known to have limitations that may affect the success of the project, the application should describe those limitations and how they will be mitigated if they get in the way.  Something like this would be appropriate:

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