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   I plan to use libfoo 3.1 to implement a foo protocol plugin, but it doesn't yet support a pluggable main loop, which libpurple requires.  The libfoo developers intend to address that, but if they do not address it by midsummer, I will implement it myself and submit a patch upstream.  If this happens, I probably will not be able to complete the extended frobnicator API in libpurple, but the project will still successfully speak the foo protocol by the end of the summer.
 Any potential major demands on the student's time MUST be included, such as: finals (we know that not all school schedules line up with SoC precisely, and this will absolutely not disqualify an application!), scheduled vacations or holidays, existing summer commitments for work or school, potentially conflicting job applications, etc.
+== Improving your chances ==
+After submitting a great proposal, PLEASE join us on IRC (irc.freenode.net #pidgin) or XMPP MUC (devel at conference.pidgin.im) and discuss your ideas with the community.  Experience has shown that students who are involved before the Summer of Code starts are more likely to stick with it and make good progress during the summer.  In addition, this provides us more and better information about how you work with other developers and what your skill set is.  You can greatly improve your chances of selection by engaging with the community early.

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