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Gary Kramlich grim at reaperworld.com
Fri Jan 26 18:11:44 EST 2007

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Richard Laager wrote:


> I would definitely agree that we need to consult with the lawyers before
> choosing option #4. However, I suspect that this is a very dangerous
> option, which would lead to #3. I think we're best off rolling over and
> taking #1, unfortunately. We're the little guy here, and the legal
> system isn't going to be friendly to us, no matter how right we are. And
> even if we win, we'll likely spend a ton of time and all our money in
> the process.
> Richard

I disagree that it'd end up turning into number 3 if we change our name,
release, and announce why the name was changed.  I mean obviously there
has to be some record out there proving that they're actively defending
their trademarks and copyrights, so while it may not be general public
knowledge (think news), there has to be a paper trail somewhere.  And if
there isn't, have we just been grinding our gears for over a year?

Also, the past instances where they were suing gaim are all over the
internet as it is.  A simple google search for "aol gaim lawsuit"
returns 35,100 hits.  The only negatively publicity we can save them is
*new* negative publicity.  On top of that, anyone that knows our history
is going to assume this is what has happened in the first place.  Which
is yet another reason why we should inform the masses, rather than let
slashdot inform them.

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