.gaim Revisited

Kevin M Stange kevin at simguy.net
Wed Mar 21 05:28:02 EDT 2007

Richard Laager wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-03-21 at 04:03 -0500, Kevin M Stange wrote:
>> I think I might prefer calling the logs dir "Pidgin\Logs"
> Do you have a solution for the situation that happens if someone write
> "Robin"? If not, is that a scenario that you're comfortable just
> ignoring for now?
>> Is there any merit to
>> maintaining shortcuts/symlinks and keeping our old layout?
> No. If we want to keep our old layout so that you can just grab .purple
> or .pidgin, then there's no point in doing the separation at all.

Yeah... What about if we just leave the logs where they are and create a
"Pidgin Logs" shortcut in My Documents?  We can tell Windows to do this
when we run the NSIS install script, and we could probably use the
installer translation to choose an appropriate shortcut name.

Then, we just leave everything "as is" but at least offer Windows users
an easier way to find that directory from outside Pidgin.  "Robin" could
just do the same thing and all libpurple Windows clients could continue
to share the same logs directory.

> Speaking of which... I was thinking purple for everything, except the
> case of logs under Windows. We have multiple UIs *today*, so I don't
> think it makes a lot of sense to have both .finch and .pidgin when we
> could just do .purple.

The only concern I have is that users will not know what purple is,
since they will most likely not particularly care to use it on its own.
  It will no doubt be in the FAQ with all the other questions to which
the answers are never read.

Other than that, I personally am quite happy to have the portable
.purple I can grab and drop on a random computer to retain my complete

> Richard


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