Freenode Group Registration

Luke Schierer lschiere at
Mon Apr 9 17:47:25 EDT 2007

On Mon, Apr 09, 2007 at 05:16:49PM -0400, Ethan Blanton wrote:
> Luke Schierer spake unto us the following wisdom:
> > On a side node, we also have a jabber server set up (registration
> > closed) at, with a conference server at
> > currently the only channel there is the devel at
> > channel.  I prefer jabber's group chat to irc's.  Do we want to use that
> > as the main channel, or continue with irc?
> I know of no jabber client with a decent group chat interface, so I
> for one would probably not join such a beast, other than exceptional
> occasions.
> If someone wants to add group chat to finch, and provide me with a
> reasonable jabber chat client (the bar is high -- I use irssi), I
> would be willing to make the jump.  (Oh, and fix reconnecting, because
> freenode disconnects me *constantly*.)
> Ethan

If our own product is insufficient to be used for group IM, then we
should consider that a significant flaw, and work to address it. In my
experience, nothing motivates us to address flaws like being hindered by


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