An important, controversial issue!

Neal Ylitalo nwylital at
Tue Apr 24 21:26:23 EDT 2007

My brain first associates this do-not-enter sign with "disconnected" or 
with an error, which has led to confusion a few times on my part. I 
might suggest something more indicative of a pre-occupied state, such as 
a sign one might hang on a doorknob. The Do Not Disturb signs in hotels 
come to mind, or a small sign on a string to be looped over the knob. My 
description is lacking, but with a bit of luck, the general idea is enough.

Sean Egan wrote:
> UNAVAILABLE is really just a poor name for it. We use this for "the
> person is there, but has manually set that he is 'busy'." It's an API
> identifier only. In the UI this shows up as "Busy" or "Do not
> disturb." We use a "do-not-enter" sign for this state.

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