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Tue Aug 7 11:46:59 EDT 2007

Hi All,

I use pidgin/sametime on windows at work. For the most part it is the best
client i have ever used, primarily because it is so customizable. I do have
some issues, that I'd like to discuss:

Incremental Search:
When I click on the pidgin window, and start typing in the window it starts
to hunt for a buddy that matches the text I am typing. I believe this is
called incremental search, and helps me to find a buddy with the fewest key
presses. I love this feature and use it often. My only issue is that I have
a lot of buddies - embedded within a lot of groups. Most of the time I have
the groups contracted. Incremental search does not search in contracted

Archival of Logs:
Pidgin archives my logs on my local hard disk. This is handy, but not very
reliable because hard disks are liable to crash. Also, these logs are not
globally accessible, so if I log into pidgin on another computer somewhere
else in the world, I will not have access to my logs. Are there any plugins
or planned features to archive logs on the web?


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