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Tue Aug 7 18:09:55 EDT 2007

Stephen Eilert wrote:
> On 8/7/07, Josh Williams <yurimxpxman at> wrote:
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>> On 8/7/07, rouble <rouble at> wrote:
>>> Archival of Logs:
>>> Pidgin archives my logs on my local hard disk. This is handy, but not very
>>> reliable because hard disks are liable to crash. Also, these logs are not
>>> globally accessible, so if I log into pidgin on another computer somewhere
>>> else in the world, I will not have access to my logs. Are there any plugins
>>> or planned features to archive logs on the web?
>> My suggestion would be to create a daemon that automatically FTPs the
>> log directory every hour or so. That'd probably be pretty easy.
> This is fine, for archival purposes. However, it does not allow
> syncing the logs between machines, which could be useful.
> I'd rather have them stored in a database (even if a SQLite one) and
> then another tool (perhaps a plugin) to do searches and reports on
> that data. Any existing plugins to that effect?
I'm currently working on database pluging,

Look for more technical 

Database logger will allow you searching and viewing logs as you do with 
plain text or html logger.

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