Additional emoticons for MySpaceIM

Hylke Bons h.bons at
Sat Aug 11 05:44:47 EDT 2007

Allright, I did them all except "Messed up / intoxicated" because I
don't know what it should look like
and it isn't on the page you made. Is it something like "beat up"?


shellreef at wrote:
> I have a side-by-side comparison of the emoticons supported by
> MySpaceIM and Pidgin at:
> Pidgin has most of MySpaceIM's icons, but a few, marked with "???" on
> the above page, are missing or have no clear equivalent:
> - A "nerd" emoticon, not to be confused with the "geek" emoticon.
> MySpaceIM has both, but nerd looks nerdier than geek. Should I just
> use Pidgin's glasses-nerdy.png for both?
> - A bulgy eyes emoticon
> - Mohawk
> - Messed up / intoxicated
> - Pirate
> - "Side frown" (see image)
> - Sinister. Pidgin has mean, but sinister is even meaner (though
> mean.png could do)
> Hylke, would you be willing to design new icons for Pidgin to fill in
> these gaps? By the way, thanks for designing the msimprpl logo.
> Comments are also appreciated if you don't agree with how I matched up
> Pidgin's and MySpaceIM's icons, or if there is an icon in Pidgin
> already that could be used for the missing emoticons above. Not all of
> the MySpaceIM icons are a clear match to Pidgin's.
> Thanks,
> -Jeff

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