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Kevin Stange kevin at
Mon Dec 10 22:15:27 EST 2007

Benjamin Arnaud wrote:
> The account actions use the UI-agnostic request API to produce dialogs.
> "If you implement the request API in your program, the protocols will be
> able to produce native dialogs to your UI that ask for relevant 
> information."
>> I don't want to do that, since my interface is built differently than 
>> pidgin.

You could implement the request API in any number of different ways,
presumably... doesn't have to be in the form of pop up dialogs.

> If you need to change that information automatically without a UI, there
> is currently no way to do this, and that would require modification of
> libpurple.
>> You mean there is absolutely no way to call / alter server name manually 
>> without implementing the Request API ?
>> I'm not sure to understand how this work, maybe you've got some document 
>> to help me out ?

This is currently done by the protocol plugin (the plugin exposes the
functionality to the UI through the request API only) and there's no
callback implemented between libpurple and the protocol interface to
push this information back, as no one has previously seen a need to
standardize functionality to do this so far.

The task would be to establish a standardized function callback in the
prpl_info struct for protocols to register a function to be called when
this information is to be updated.


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