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Gary Kramlich grim at reaperworld.com
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John Bailey wrote:


> Then clearly Mark was *trying* to work with you.  Not everything is perfect, or
> even good, on a first pass.  It is certainly not unreasonable to need to revise
> patches many times.  I recall discussing patches more than twice with developers
> on several occasions.

I don't want to get too distracted by this, since we're being much more
productive on other topics in this mail.  But we've all been down the
path where we've thought we had the ultimate solution, and it may very
well have been.  But if communication breaks down, from anything, and
the reasoning behind the design is lost, all it leads to is frustration.


> Yes, it is.  The problem is there is only one Gary and his time is finite.  To
> my knowledge, no one else remotely interested in this has contributed anything
> to Gary's gobjectification branch/project.  Anyone can complain about the
> constant statements regarding lack of time if they like, but the fact of the
> matter is that it's true.  I have looked at helping with this branch, but I get
> lost in the sea of merges every time I try.  I suspect this may be true of
> others, as well.

This is a big part of the problem.  When I am finally able to sit down
and knock out some objects, I spent the majority of the time explicitly
merging my way back up to i.p.p:h.


> I'm not sure I like the idea of having one prpl with so many protocol versions
> supported via different configure arguments and whatnot.  We have enough of a
> mess with GLib and GTK version checking for compatibility with the stone age; we
> really don't need to add MORE of a mess just to support a hundred different MSN
> protocols.

I see the flexibility as the key factor here.  It gives us the
opportunity to change the version of a protocol via the configure
script.  For example, say we know msnpX is going to be turned off at a
certain point and time, so all we do is tweak an AC_DEFINE or m4_define
and we're using msnp11.  By a configure option, I don't mean just a
- --with-msnp15 or something, but just a central place to decide which one
is built.  We could allow multiples, but I don't see that as exactly

> John

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